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What are some types of loading dock injuries in Nebraska?

Many Lincoln area workers are employed in a factory or warehouse setting. Many workplaces have loading docks where goods are delivered and taken out. The loading dock can be a busy place, and some employees have suffered serious injuries while on the job.

In a warehouse setting, the loading dock is a common place for employee injury. There are many moving parts that can be affected by human error, which can cause these injuries. Some types of loading dock employee injuries include a forklift running off the dock, a product falling and hitting a worker and forklifts tipping over on top of a worker. Accidents at the loading dock can also involve the tractor-trailers there. An employee can get caught between a tractor-trailer and the loading dock and get crushed. A truck can pull away from the dock unexpectedly when a forklift driver is still inside the tractor-trailer or entering or exiting the truck. Or trailer creep can occur that makes a separation between the dock and the trailer.

What are third-party claims in construction site injuries?

Nebraska area residents understand how important safety is on the job. Many of these safety regulations are established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). But when an accident occurs on a construction site, it is often serious. Sometimes these accidents may be caused by a third party, in which the victim may be able to hold them accountable.

A third-party claim for construction site personal injury cases may exist in addition to the workers' compensation claims an injured worker may have. A third-party claim is a lawsuit brought against a third party, not the injured person's employer. The third party is usually partially or fully at fault for the accident occurring. Examples may include operating heavy machinery that had a faulty part. The heavy machinery manufacturing company may be held liable. Or if a construction worker is hit by a driver while on the job, they may be able to hold the driver accountable for their negligence.

Construction site safety may be what brings you home in one piece

There are millions of members of the U.S. workforce who put their lives on the line every day. One of the most hazardous occupations is construction, and if this is how you earn your income, you might experience anxiety about the risks you face and your ability to provide for your family if you should suffer an occupational injury. Not all employers in Nebraska prioritize employee safety, often leaving it up to workers to look after themselves.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates workplace safety on construction sites, and gaining knowledge about the prescribed guidelines may help you to avoid harm. Although most workplace accidents are preventable, you may often be at risk of suffering serious injury or worse.

The 'fatal four' workplace injuries

When a Nebraska resident goes to work each day, they believe they will come home to their family uninjured. Most of the time this is the case, but occasionally a serious workplace accident occurs. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) characterizes four construction accidents as the "fatal four".

Construction workers often have a dangerous job. There are four categories of accidents that OSHA has identified that cause the most deaths for construction workers. The leading cause of death in the construction industry are falls. Proper fall protection is necessary to make sure construction workers are safe. The next leading cause of death is struck-by-object. This may include objects that fall on a person, flying objects, swinging objects or rolling vehicles. Workers often don't have time to move out of the way. The third leading cause of death is electrocution. Electrocution killed more than 80 workers in the construction industry in the 2015 calendar year. Personal protective equipment should be provided by the employer and worn at all times. The fourth leading cause of death is caught-in-between. These accidents happen when a worker's body is crushed or caught between two or more objects.

Roofers run the risk of serious injuries

Being a roofer in Lincoln is an occupation that almost always offers lots of employment opportunities. But with these good jobs come the risk of many serious injuries. No one expects that they will be injured on the job, but that is a risk that many roofers face daily.

There are many types of injuries roofers can face while they are on the job. One of the main injuries is an injury suffered from a fall. When there isn't a fall protection system in place, a roofer can fall and suffer very serious injuries. Another leading cause of roofer injuries is being hit by an object. Construction materials, ladders, roofing materials and other objects can fall and hurt a roofer while they are on the job. Roofers also work with tools that have the potential to be dangerous. These may include nail guns, circular saws, roof cutters and drills.

Three things truck drivers may do in workers' compensation claims

Truck drivers in Nebraska know how difficult their job can be. To the general public, truck driving seems like an easy job where a person just sits all day long. But, truck drivers know the real toll the job can take on their body. Those who have suffered truck driver injuries and are thinking about filing for workers' compensation should keep three things in mind.

Truck drivers face many injuries when they are on the job. These may include loading and unloading injuries, slips and falls from getting in and out of the cab, falling from a loading dock, raising heavy hoods on the trucks, truck accidents and handling heavy equipment. Any of these, and many other, situations can seriously injure a truck driver. And when truck drivers spend a lot of time sitting, their injuries can get even worse.

Worker dies at Wakefield, Nebraska, plant

Nebraska workers go to work each day expecting they will return each night to their families. Most of the time this is what happens, but occasionally a tragic accident can occur at a workplace. Recently, an employee died in an accident at a Wakefield, Nebraska, manufacturing plant.

An employee at a plant in Wakefield, Nebraska, recently died while on the job. The employee worked for Michael Foods Egg Processing. He was fatally injured when a dock leveler dropped unexpectedly. This device is used to measure the distance between a truck and a loading dock. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the tragic incident.

Workplace accidents can be devastating to Nebraska families

A job is more than just a place a Lincoln resident goes once they've had their breakfast. It is where they put in hard work, do their best and earn their livelihood so that they may provide their family with what it needs to grow and thrive. It enables a person to keep a roof over their head and to put food on their table. So, when a workplace accident happens that forces a person to stop doing the work that pays their bills, the results can be devastating to the individual and their loved ones.

This workplace injury and personal injury legal blog has discussed some of the life-changing and potentially fatal accidents industrial workers can experience when their employers fail to provide them with safe workplaces. From accidents with heavy equipment and machinery to manufacturing incidents workers can suffer crushed limbs, serious burns, broken bones, damaged organs and a host of other serious medical conditions.

Nursing is a pain in the back

You don't need any study or survey to tell you that your job is stressful, both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, the American Nurses Association reports that the nursing profession ranks fifth among jobs that place workers in danger of strains and sprains. Even construction workers and employees at distribution centers have a lower risk.

Among all the injuries you worry about, certainly your backache is one that concerns you. You probably hear your colleagues complain about their aching backs, too. In fact, you may have nursing friends in Nebraska who have left the profession because of the physical toll of the job or because they suffered a work-related injury.

Back injury is a common workplace injury

A person's back is an important part of their body. Almost everyone in Lincoln knows how painful a hurt back can be, and for many it is debilitating. Back injuries can occur anywhere, including at work.

Up to 80 percent of people will experience back pain in their lifetime. There are many ways a person can injure their back at their job. This can include lifting, driving and a vibration of the whole body. Also, if a person has a job that requires them to engage in prolonged bending or twisting, that can lead to injuries. Primary prevention of occupational back pain is important for employers to engage in. Prevention measures may include the teaching of proper lifting techniques and reducing physical demands of employees.

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