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Forklift accidents can be fatal

There are many residents in Lincoln and surrounding areas that work in an industrial location such as a warehouse or construction site. These are good jobs that offer a worker a steady income. Most workplaces understand that worker safety is their number one priority. But, occasionally a serious construction worker injury occurs, such as a forklift accident.

A look at scaffolding accidents at construction sites

We know that due to the fluid and ever-changing nature of construction sites, that injuries at these sites in Lincoln, Nebraska, and throughout the United States, are not uncommon. Although workers have the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known as OSHA, in place to help ensure that accidents and workplace injuries are kept to a minimum, accidents still do happen. One of the most common forms of construction accidents are accidents involving scaffolding.

Summer heat can cause serious injuries for construction workers

Many Nebraska workers have jobs that require them to work outside. Nebraska has extreme temperature changes, as its residents know. The summer can be a dangerous time to be a construction worker or other employee who spends a lot of time outside because of the extreme heat. Heat related injuries can be very serious and result in construction worker injuries.

Asbestos exposure can be serious and even fatal

Construction workers are exposed to many hazards while they are on the job in Nebraska. Construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs a person can have. Construction worker injuries are often serious and require the injured employee to take time off their job for an extended period of time. One injury a construction worker can suffer from is asbestos exposure.

Truck drivers at high risk for injuries

When Nebraska residents think about dangerous jobs, certain ones may come to mind. Police officers, linemen, construction workers, firefighters may be some of the jobs that appear to be dangerous. But, truck drivers also have a career that can be dangerous where truck driver injuries are common.

Assistance after a construction accident

Construction workers in Lincoln have one of the most dangerous jobs in the state. These workers are put into a countless number of dangerous situations each day. Most of the time construction workers are able to stay safe, but occasionally there are construction worker injuries.

We advocate for you in a workers' compensation dispute

A previous post on this blog discussed how a construction worker or other worker in or around Lincoln, Nebraska, might have a dispute over the extent of his or her injuries or some other issue involving his or her workers' compensation in which there is disagreement with either the employer or the insurance company.

How workers' compensation disputes get resolved

Workers in and around Lincoln, Nebraska, rely on this state's workers' compensation system to compensate them promptly when the suffer injuries at work. For example, construction worker injuries can leave a Nebraska employee an his or her family without an income but with a lot of medical bills, meaning the family needs money quickly and without a lengthy hassle in court

What is the role of OSHA in workers' compensation claims?

In many cases in which a Lincoln, Nebraska, construction worker gets hurt on the job, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be involved in the ensuing investigation. In some cases, OSHA may even fine or impose other penalties on an employer if the accident violated federal safety regulations or standards.

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