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A workplace injury brings pain and incapacity to the injured worker and in many cases, practical and financial hardship to an entire family. Problems seem to come one after another, including both medical and monetary issues. Get the guidance and direction you need to take back control of your life after an injury. Attorney Martin V. Linscott is available to advise and represent people who have suffered on-the-job-injuries and other personal injuries in and around Lincoln and statewide.

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You may have been hurt on the job or elsewhere through a traumatic event such as a fall or an accident involving a defective power tool, or you may have developed a back or neck injury over time. Regardless of the circumstances, reporting your workplace injury to your employer promptly is crucial in order to secure your rights to workers' compensation benefits. If your personal injury was not work-related, beware of giving statements to investigators or insurers before consulting with an attorney. You could unknowingly hurt your case. Talking to a knowledgeable lawyer can make a great difference in the aftermath of your accidental injury. Timely legal advice can relieve you of worries and help you tap into your rightful compensation without unnecessary delay.

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Get on the road to recovery prompty after an on-the-job injury

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