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What is the role of OSHA in workers' compensation claims?

In many cases in which a Lincoln, Nebraska, construction worker gets hurt on the job, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be involved in the ensuing investigation. In some cases, OSHA may even fine or impose other penalties on an employer if the accident violated federal safety regulations or standards.

Is your job one of the most dangerous in Nebraska?

In addition to being known as the cornhusker state, Nebraska has several other claims to fame as well. For instance, did you know the largest porch swing in the world is located here? Also, old time Wild West enthusiasts may recall that Buffalo Bill Cody held his very first rodeo in this state in 1882. Many people enjoy living and working in Nebraska although the working part can be quite dangerous depending on one's occupation.

Straight talk for injured construction workers

A construction worker accident can mean a Nebraska worker, and his or her family, will face mounting medical bills as a result of the worker's injuries, even though the worker may not be able to go back on the job for several weeks or months, if at all.

A closer look at Nebraska's workers' compensation system

Whether you report to a construction site, warehouse, loading dock or trucking yard each morning, chances are good that the very last thing on your mind heading into each workday is the possibility of suffering some manner of serious work injury. Indeed, there are structures to build, pallets to load and delivery schedules to meet.

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