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A construction worker accident can mean a Nebraska worker, and his or her family, will face mounting medical bills as a result of the worker's injuries, even though the worker may not be able to go back on the job for several weeks or months, if at all.

Unfortunately, though, construction accidents are common, especially since there are so many hazards at construction sites. Heights, ladders, heavy equipment, trenches, electric current and other dangers can all leave a worker dead or seriously injury, even when the worker is using the utmost care and trying hard to be safe while completing his or her job.

Thankfully, Nebraska's no-fault workers' compensation system is available to help construction workers who were injured on the job. Nebraska employers have to carry insurance that, when necessary, will pay for an injured construction worker's medical bills and will also cover some of the worker's lost income while he or she is at home recovering from the injury. These benefits are paid without fault, so even a Lincoln worker who made an honest mistake on the job can still count on financial help for his or her injuries.

Even though the workers' compensation system is designed to help Nebraska workers, it can be difficult to understand. It is not always a good idea for an injured construction worker to go at it alone, as it could mean the worker makes a key legal mistake or allows an employee or insurance company to take advantage of them.

Our attorney in Lincoln stands ready to help injured Nebraska construction workers. He is experienced in helping construction workers with permanent injuries suffered while on the job and helps them get the benefits to which they are entitled. He is also committed to giving honest, straightforward answers to all of his clients and prospective clients so you know where your case stands.

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