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How workers' compensation disputes get resolved

Workers in and around Lincoln, Nebraska, rely on this state's workers' compensation system to compensate them promptly when the suffer injuries at work. For example, construction worker injuries can leave a Nebraska employee an his or her family without an income but with a lot of medical bills, meaning the family needs money quickly and without a lengthy hassle in court

Working 9-5... until you aren't: Common workers' comp myths

You suffered an injury on the job. While you are probably aware of workers' compensation and perhaps the basics of how the process works, you may also have heard a lot of false and even harmful information along the way. These misleading part-truths or flat-out falsehoods could have come from well-intentioned, but mistaken friends or co-workers, or may even have originated from someone trying to intimidate you, but regardless of the source, you will want to get the facts straight.

Truckers face many different dangers while on the job

When residents of Lincoln, Nebraska, think of how a truck driver might get injured on the job, they probably most often think of the driver being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. Indeed, many truckers do get hurt while actually driving, even though their vehicles are a lot larger than most of the other cars and vans on the road.

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