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The causes and symptoms of CRPS

Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is a condition with which many workers in the Lincoln, Nebraska area might not be familiar, unless, of course, they have suffered from it. CRPS is, however, a serious medical condition that affects one's arms and legs and that can be brought on by a workplace injury or other trauma to the body.

We advocate for you in a workers' compensation dispute

A previous post on this blog discussed how a construction worker or other worker in or around Lincoln, Nebraska, might have a dispute over the extent of his or her injuries or some other issue involving his or her workers' compensation in which there is disagreement with either the employer or the insurance company.

What is a herniated disk and how can I tell if I have one?

Not to be confused with a hernia, which is a different type of injury, a herniated disk is a type of back injury. A person's "backbone" is made up of several bones called vertebrae. Between these vertebrae are disks filled with water and other matter that act kind of like pads or shock absorbers on a car, keeping the vertebrae from colliding.

Catastrophic work injuries need not rob you of a job

Nebraska workers in hazardous industries, such as construction, trucking and other dangerous work environments, might be concerned about their abilities to take care of their families if they were to suffer catastrophic, career-ending injuries. If this is something that causes you sleepless nights, you may not be aware that the workers' compensation insurance system may provide the remedy.

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