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A previous post on this blog discussed how a construction worker or other worker in or around Lincoln, Nebraska, might have a dispute over the extent of his or her injuries or some other issue involving his or her workers' compensation in which there is disagreement with either the employer or the insurance company.

When these problems cannot get worked out informally, a worker may have to refer the matter to Nebraska's Workers' Compensation Court for review. This process can be complicated. In addition to the fact that most workers do not routinely go to court, this specialized Court has its own sets of rules and procedures, and the consequences of not following these rules can be serious.

Moreover, the employer or insurance company is almost always going to have at least one and probably more experienced lawyers representing their interests before the Court. Those lawyers obviously are not being paid to cut the worker a break, and the judge is legally not allowed to intervene on the worker's behalf, even if it is obvious the worker has a good case but just does not know how to present it correctly.

In the event of a dispute, a Nebraska worker is likely going to want and may even need an experienced and knowledgeable advocate on their side who is not afraid to take a legitimate case to trial before the Court. In this respect, our law office has a proven track record of representing workers effectively before the Court and getting good results. Although we cannot promise a particular result in any given case, we can stand by our commitment to excellence in representing our workers' compensation clients.

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