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Be on alert for neck injury symptoms after work accidents

Nebraska roadways are often heavily laden with traffic, especially during rush hours and busy work days. Even if you're a most cautious driver, you never know when someone's negligence will cause you to be in a collision. If you were carrying out work duties when your accident occurred, you will undoubtedly face several challenges as you navigate the workers' compensation system. The process is seldom without obstacles, and knowing to what you are entitled and where to turn for help is often crucial in obtaining maximum care.

One of the most common bodily injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents is whiplash. You're likely aware of the term, used to describe an injury caused by sudden jarring or blunt force trauma that causes abnormal movement of the neck. Typically painful, not all neck injury symptoms present themselves immediately following neck trauma; many times, accident victims don't know the extent of their injuries until much later.

How to know if you have whiplash

Generally speaking, if you have whiplash, you usually know it because the physical pain associated with this type of injury is often quite severe. Remembering the following other potential whiplash symptoms can help monitor your condition:

  • Difficulty looking over your shoulder
  • Stiffness in your neck
  • Neck feels tender to the touch
  • Muscles feel tight
  • Range of motion decreased
  • Headaches

Your workplace motor vehicle collision could happen one day, yet several neck injury symptoms may not show for days or weeks. Of course the most important thing to do after an accident is seek appropriate medical attention. Time off work may be anywhere from one day to several months if your neck injury keeps you from being able to do your job. It's sometimes difficult to determine what to do first to seek help in such situations. Strong support is often key to full recovery.

How to find it

It doesn't take long for medical bills to start rolling in and there may be other expenses associated with your accident, thus making it even tougher to make ends meet. In such circumstances, talking to an experienced workers' compensation attorney may give you peace of mind as you seek clarification regarding how best to address your particular situation with your employer and the workers' compensation program. Whether your recovery takes a week or a year, you deserve to collect any and all benefits to which you are entitled.

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