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How underinsured motorists' insurance works

Many people might think that the job of a Lincoln, Nebraska, personal injury attorney consists almost exclusively of going to court and making a vigorous case against a party who caused a car accident so that an injured Nebraskan can get compensation for their losses.

However, as a previous post on this blog discussed, sometimes the work of this attorney is finding other means of recovery when the party at fault has no way of paying.

After all, many people in Nebraska unfortunately do not carry automobile insurance as required by law, meaning they probably have no way of paying for a huge automobile loss and, in most cases, could just file for bankruptcy. Other people are in a similar boat even though they do comply with the law about insurance, but they simply do not have limits high enough to pay for a catastrophic accident that happens to be their fault.

This where a person's own uninsured motorists' coverage or underinsured motorists' coverage comes in to play. Both of these types of coverage, which are usually optional but almost always come highly recommended, depend heavily on the terms of a person's insurance policy. However, the basic idea is that a car accident victim's insurance company will cover the difference if a driver who is at fault in an accident owes the victim compensation but is not going to be able to pay it, at least with their insurance proceeds.

Of course, working with one's own insurance company to get underinsured motorists' coverage is not always an easy task, as the company may take a position, rightly or wrongly, that no further compensation is owed. In such cases, an experienced Nebraska personal injury attorney can advocate on your behalf.

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