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Boating accident leaves one girl hurt and driver behind bars

Although people in other parts of the country might not think of Nebraska as a great state for outdoor activities, residents of Lincoln and other parts of Nebraska recognize that this state in fact has many lakes and other recreational areas that are wonderful for boating, water-skiing and other fun activities, particularly during the warm summer months.

Representing injured drivers in underinsured motorists' claims

In addition to helping injured workers who suffer injuries while on the job, our law office also helps other Nebraskans who have been injured through the negligence of another person. We represent people in Lincoln and throughout Nebraska who have been injured in car accidents, because of dog bites or as the result of some other set of circumstances.

Be on alert for neck injury symptoms after work accidents

Nebraska roadways are often heavily laden with traffic, especially during rush hours and busy work days. Even if you're a most cautious driver, you never know when someone's negligence will cause you to be in a collision. If you were carrying out work duties when your accident occurred, you will undoubtedly face several challenges as you navigate the workers' compensation system. The process is seldom without obstacles, and knowing to what you are entitled and where to turn for help is often crucial in obtaining maximum care.

The importance of properly securing a trucker's load

As this blog has discussed previously, truckers who work in and around Lincoln, Nebraska, can get injured on the job in a number of different ways. In addition to the possibility of having a full blown collision or rollover incident, a trucker has to watch out for loading and unloading and other injuries as well.

Protecting injured workers, accident victims and their families in Lincoln, Nebraska and across the U.S.

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