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Representing injured drivers in underinsured motorists' claims

In addition to helping injured workers who suffer injuries while on the job, our law office also helps other Nebraskans who have been injured through the negligence of another person. We represent people in Lincoln and throughout Nebraska who have been injured in car accidents, because of dog bites or as the result of some other set of circumstances.

With respect to car accidents, sometimes getting the compensation a person needs to cover his or her medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering is not simply a matter of identifying the negligent driver at fault and then filing a claim with that driver's insurance company. In many cases, drivers who are negligent unfortunately do not have automobile liability insurance even though the law requires it. In other cases, the driver may have some insurance, even enough to be able to drive legally, but not nearly enough to pay for all the costs of the injury he or she caused through negligence.

In these sorts of situations, unless the negligent driver is independently wealthy, an injured person may feel stuck. Fortunately, insurance companies offer what is called uninsured motorists' coverage and underinsured motorists' coverage.

For those who purchase these types of coverage, which is usually a wise investment, there are alternatives should they be struck by someone without the means to pay for their negligence. Specifically, they can go to their own insurance company and get reimbursement for all or part of the sill unpaid medical bills and lost wages, as well as uncompensated non-economic losses like pain and suffering.

Of course, not every insurance company is willing to pay these benefits right off, and some may even give static to an injured about paying even when the person has every right to the money. In such cases, we serve our injured clients as a strong advocate.

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