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The importance of properly securing a trucker's load

As this blog has discussed previously, truckers who work in and around Lincoln, Nebraska, can get injured on the job in a number of different ways. In addition to the possibility of having a full blown collision or rollover incident, a trucker has to watch out for loading and unloading and other injuries as well.

Many truck driver injuries, particularly those involving loading and unloading, can be prevented by the proper securing of the cargo which the trucker is hauling. Even when a truck driver is totally careful in his driving, even the heaviest of objects will naturally tend to shift during a trip. This means a trucker can be in for an unpleasant surprise when items stored high in the truck come tumbling down. Items can also shift or spill when closer to the ground and also cause an injury.

There are correct and incorrect ways of securing a load being hauled. The most obvious mistake is not to secure a load at all, as this can present a danger even to the motorists who are traveling behind the truck. Every object that is traveling in the back of the truck needs to be appropriately secured so it will not move around during the trip, and this includes even those objects which are relatively small and close to the ground.

On a related point, the equipment a person uses to secure a load needs to be the right piece of equipment for the cargo. Using the incorrect chain or strap or not using it correctly can be the equivalent of not securing the load at all. Likewise, someone loading cargo should not use, but instead replace, a frayed strap or equipment that is broken or very worn.

While drivers share some responsibility for loading trucks correctly, their employers also have the responsibility of creating a safety culture in which the appropriate time and care is taken with respect to securing cargo. If a Nebraska truck driver does get injured in connection with a shifting or falling load, he or she may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

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