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Asbestos exposure can be serious and even fatal

Construction workers are exposed to many hazards while they are on the job in Nebraska. Construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs a person can have. Construction worker injuries are often serious and require the injured employee to take time off their job for an extended period of time. One injury a construction worker can suffer from is asbestos exposure.

Truck drivers at high risk for injuries

When Nebraska residents think about dangerous jobs, certain ones may come to mind. Police officers, linemen, construction workers, firefighters may be some of the jobs that appear to be dangerous. But, truck drivers also have a career that can be dangerous where truck driver injuries are common.

Assistance after a construction accident

Construction workers in Lincoln have one of the most dangerous jobs in the state. These workers are put into a countless number of dangerous situations each day. Most of the time construction workers are able to stay safe, but occasionally there are construction worker injuries.

Building your case for benefits after a construction site injury

Construction sites are fraught with dangers and risks for every man and woman employed in this industry. While it can be an inherently dangerous job, construction workers do have the right to a reasonably safe workplace. A site manager and company owner bear the responsibility of implementing safety measures and eliminating unnecessary hazards. 

Truck drivers and shoulder injuries

Truck driving is a difficult job on a person physically. The physical strains on the job can be unexpected yet extremely painful. These injuries can put a person out of work for months or even permanently. Truck drivers who have suffered injuries on the job are eligible for workers compensation.

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