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Which industries pose the most danger for employees?

The availability of workers' compensation insurance benefits likely provides comfort to Nebraska employees in all professions. While even those employed in jobs that seem risk free can suffer serious injuries, some occupations are known to pose life-threatening hazards on a daily basis. Despite the known risks these workers face, many of them hesitate to report injuries for fear of retaliation, rejection of their claims, or other obstacles in pursuing maximum recovery.

This is an unfortunate situation that often occurs when business owners prioritize profits over employee safety. On-the-job accidents can leave you facing steep medical bills and temporary or permanent disability.

Is your job considered a high-risk occupation?

If you earn your living in one of the following four high-risk industries, you and your family might be very aware of the chances of you suffering a catastrophic injury at work. Knowing that your employer has your back could remove some of this stress and allow you to better focus on your job. These four industries present workers with some of the most dangerous occupations in the workforce today:

  • Construction -- As a construction worker, you will face all the dangerous working hazards common to the industry. These may include dangerous heights, confined spaces, hazardous materials and more. Reportedly, more than 50 percent of all traumatic injuries suffered on the job nationwide result from falls -- many of them construction-related. While protective gear is mandatory, not all employers comply with regulations.
  • Mining -- Even though working conditions in the mining industry have improved significantly since the Industrial Revolution, you will still put your life on the line with every shift you work. Although floods and cave-ins are not frequent occurrences, they can happen. In addition, dust, silica particles, radon, mercury and other materials that can lead to long-term diseases with potentially devastating outcomes may threaten your health. Your employer is obligated to provide you with the prescribed personal protective equipment like respirators, ear protection and ventilation systems.
  • Health services -- Most people do not recognize the hazards you face if you work in the health services industry. In fact, it might seem wrong to mention it as one of the most hazardous jobs. However, with the long hours and stressful circumstances along with the exposure to numerous dangerous illnesses, needle stick hazards and violent patients, your life may be at a higher risk than you anticipated when you chose this profession.
  • Manufacturing -- The range of risks is limitless because of the diversity of this industry. While every factory has its unique hazards, those related to machinery and equipment are universal. If your employer is not inclined to comply with the many prescribed safety regulations for industrial facilities, your life may be at risk.

If you should suffer a work-related injury or develop an occupational-related disease, you are entitled to pursue financial assistance through the workers' compensation insurance program for Nebraska. Your loved ones may also find comfort in knowing that they will be eligible for survivors' benefits in the event of your death in the workplace.

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