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Roofers run the risk of serious injuries

Being a roofer in Lincoln is an occupation that almost always offers lots of employment opportunities. But with these good jobs come the risk of many serious injuries. No one expects that they will be injured on the job, but that is a risk that many roofers face daily.

There are many types of injuries roofers can face while they are on the job. One of the main injuries is an injury suffered from a fall. When there isn't a fall protection system in place, a roofer can fall and suffer very serious injuries. Another leading cause of roofer injuries is being hit by an object. Construction materials, ladders, roofing materials and other objects can fall and hurt a roofer while they are on the job. Roofers also work with tools that have the potential to be dangerous. These may include nail guns, circular saws, roof cutters and drills.

If a worker is not trained on how to use these tools they can face serious and debilitating injuries. Electrocution is another common and very serious roofer injury. Roofers often run into this problem when their metal ladders touch a power line.

Roofers who suffer injuries or death while on the job may want to seek workers' compensation. A legal professional can help an injured employee pursue the benefits he or she needs. A roofer injury can leave a person out of a job for a long time, causing their family unexpected financial problems. Workers' compensation can help pay for medical expenses and lost wages. An attorney can help their client pursue the benefits they need to make ends meet while they cannot work.

Roofers have dangerous jobs that often lead to serious injuries. These employees often decide to seek workers' compensation benefits to help them get back on their feet.

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