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What are some types of loading dock injuries in Nebraska?

Many Lincoln area workers are employed in a factory or warehouse setting. Many workplaces have loading docks where goods are delivered and taken out. The loading dock can be a busy place, and some employees have suffered serious injuries while on the job.

In a warehouse setting, the loading dock is a common place for employee injury. There are many moving parts that can be affected by human error, which can cause these injuries. Some types of loading dock employee injuries include a forklift running off the dock, a product falling and hitting a worker and forklifts tipping over on top of a worker. Accidents at the loading dock can also involve the tractor-trailers there. An employee can get caught between a tractor-trailer and the loading dock and get crushed. A truck can pull away from the dock unexpectedly when a forklift driver is still inside the tractor-trailer or entering or exiting the truck. Or trailer creep can occur that makes a separation between the dock and the trailer.

There are many serious injuries that can occur on the loading dock. Warehouse workers on loading docks need to be extra careful. If a person is injured on the job they may want to speak with a workers' compensation attorney. An attorney can assist the injured employee in pursuing the compensation they need for their injury. Compensation sought may include recovery for medical expenses and lost wages. An attorney can also investigate whether there is a third party liable for the accident, which may result in additional compensation.

An injury at work can be devastating for families and painful for the victim. Workers' compensation is there to help workers injured in industrial accidentsthrough this tough time and get them on their feet again.

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