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What is a crush injury?

Workers on Nebraska construction sites and warehouses have physical jobs that often require a great deal of strength. These jobs can also be dangerous because of many different types of accidents that can occur. A crush injury, for example, can happen on a construction site or in a warehouse and cause serious injuries.

Crush injuries occur when force is pressed against a person's body. It usually happens when a person is squeezed between two heavy objects. On the job, a worker can be crushed on the loading dock between a truck and a warehouse wall or dock edge. Or a worker can be hit by a forklift and have a limb crushed. A factory worker may get caught in a machine and have a crushed hand. A construction worker may be crushed by a falling crane load. Regardless of the cause of a crush injury, they are often serious.

A crush injury causes many different types of injuries to a person. It can cause bleeding and bruising. They can also cause fractures and cuts. These injuries can lead to a worker having permanent damage, amputation, or even death. If a worker has suffered a crush injury while on the job, then they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in worker injuries. An attorney can help their client figure out what happened to cause the injuries in question and help the victim pursue the compensation they need and deserve. An attorney can also help determine if third-party negligence contributed to the accident, which may lead to additional monetary damages.

A crush injury can be life-altering for Nebraska workers, leaving them with significant physical, emotional, and financial damages. Injured workers may be entitled to workers' compensation and may even receive third party damages if they take legal action. Those who want to learn more about their legal rights can speak with an experienced attorney of their choosing.

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