Case Results

Case Results

  • California Truck Driver: $850,000 Total Workers' Compensation Benefits Paid
  • Texas Truck Driver: $720,000 Total Workers' Compensation Benefits Paid
  • Nebraska Truck Driver: Over $660,000 Total Workers' Compensation Benefits Paid
  • Illinois Truck Driver: $550,000 Total Workers' Compensation Benefits Paid
  • Nebraska Laborer: Over $500,000 Workers' Compensation Monetary Benefits, with Continuing Weekly Benefits for Life
  • Franks vs Crete Carrier and Transportation Claims, Inc., NWCC 204-0521 – Injured truck driver had a disc replacement surgery through his health insurance as work denied the procedure and cut his benefits off. Court awarded payment of the prior treatment, payment of past benefits, payment of a 50% penalty on past benefits, attorney fees, and the entitlement to future weekly payments.
  • Marshall vs Crete Carrier and Transportation Claims, Inc., NWCC 204-0656 – Injured truck driver sustained both physical and psychological injuries. Employer stopped his weekly checks and refused treatment. Court awarded past due weekly benefits, future medical treatment, continued future weekly benefits.
  • Rambla vs Drivers Management, Inc., Neb. Ct. App. June 5, 2001. No. A-00-868 – Case involved a Florida truck driver involved in a collision with a school bus. Driver sustained injuries to his back and suffered psychological problems. Past due benefits awarded, payment of medical bills, future treatment authorized, in addition to the entitlement to future weekly payments.
  • Risor vs Nebraska Boiler, 765 N.W.2d 170, 277 Neb. 679 (Neb. 2009) – Case involved a laborer who lost his hearing due to the constant excessive noise exposure at work more than 20 years ago. Case turned down by multiple other attorneys. Past benefits awarded from 1993 and established lifetime benefits.

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