"I needed an injury attorney for my case against my former employer. I went to several attorneys who wouldn't take my case because they thought that I wouldn't be able to win. I finally went to Martin Linscott who looked over the case and knew it would be a hard case, but took it right away. He worked through the process of having to go all the way to Nebraska Supreme Court twice. He won the case for me. I truly respect Mr. Linscott and would recommend him to anyone needing an injury attorney. He goes through the legal process while at the same time making you feel calm and comfortable in court. He will go that extra mile for you. He is an excellent professional attorney, person and family man. I hold him in high regards." — Jim R.

"My case took a long 14 years from the beginning, through trial, and then final settlement. Marty hung in there and at times, held me up so that I had the strength to 'hang in there' as well. He made sure I was constantly updated whenever there was any kind of information. I never felt scared to call and ask questions, nor did he ever make me feel intimidated or stupid for asking any questions. He always answered all my questions an if I didn't understand something he took however much time I needed to help me understand to the fullest, never making me feel bad for taking so much of his time. He was extremely diligent and professional in the handling of my case. Marty could not have been more accommodating and courteous in explaining and navigating all the different twists and turns we were forced to take along the way by the insurance company.

My settlement was well worth the battle.

Marty has the loyalty, compassion, honesty, strength, confidence, enthusiasm, unparalleled dedication and staunch work ethic of a pit bull, with the nimble mind of a fox. I highly recommend Martin Linscott to anyone looking for the service he offers." — Jeanette M.

"I was involved in a semi-truck accident where I was the driver. I sustained back injuries to where my life became miserable. I needed an attorney. I'm from Florida and checked with workers comp attorneys down here and they referred me to Martin Linscott in Lincoln, Nebraska. What a life saver. I was treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Martin took my case and was very much a professional and caring person. He worked hard to take care of me. He is very knowledgeable about the laws involving workers compensation, and I'm sure all aspects of law. He got me outstanding results from working very hard for me. I have nothing but the utmost respect and praise for him. I have referred him to other clients who are in need of an attorney. If ever in need of an attorney, you would not go wrong having Martin Linscott represent you." — Marsha C.

"I wish I was writing a make believe testimonial, but sometimes life deals us situations that we wish we were not realistically dealing with. My husband and I have been happily married for over a decade. As honeymooners, married approximately six weeks, my husband sustained serious injuries while driving as a professional over the road truck driver. Soon after the incident, we contacted Mr. Martin Linscott and he has been a welcomed permanent fixture in our lives ever since. Even though we live in the deep south, Louisiana, he has been able to represent us from afar in his offices in Nebraska. Most importantly, as we go through the everlasting complex turns of our situation, Mr. Linscott has always been a valuable asset to our situation. As most attorneys do, Mr. Linscott explains and answers any questions or concerns that we may have. However, as a rarity, he also listens in depth and replies not only in detail, but he makes sure that we understand the lingo of workmen's compensation law. My husband has been through many procedures and a few complex serious surgeries. His life will never be the same and he will forever live with chronic pain and permanent serious injuries. Nonetheless, we are grateful for Mr. Martin Linscott and we are proud to have him represent us." — D and T – Louisiana