Workers' Compensation Claims And Appeals

Working closely with an attorney who gets to know you well and takes a strong interest in your case can be a significant advantage after a workplace accident. At the offices of Martin V. Linscott in Lincoln, you will find a personable, compassionate and skillful lawyer ready to guide you through the challenging aftermath of an accidental injury on the job anywhere in Nebraska. He can take your side when questions arise, such as:

  • Did the injury occur in the course of your work activities?
  • What types of medical treatment and therapies are reasonable?
  • When will you be ready to return to work and what restrictions will you face?

Turn To An Established Nebraska Workers' Comp Law Firm

Clients say Mr. Linscott is a hardworking, personable, hands-on advocate for the injured statewide. He adeptly handles injured truck drivers' workers' compensation claims and other workers' comp cases in and around Lancaster County and statewide involving:

Workers' Comp Lawyer Martin V. Linscott: A Zealous Advocate Always Ready For Trial

Attorney Martin V. Linscott can take over negotiations, claims forms and complicated issues related to your case. He will stand up for your rights, enabling you to concentrate on getting better with reassurance that he is at work in support of your interests. If conflicts cannot be resolved through reasonable communications with your employer's workers' compensation insurer, Mr. Linscott is ready to take the matter to trial. His strong track record reflects his ability to take a meritorious case as far as it needs to go.

Is There A Third-Party Claim?

Mr. Linscott reviews every workplace injury case to determine whether there is a third-party liability claim against a subcontractor or another person or entity other than the employer. Work-related car and truck accidents often present opportunities to bring personal injury claims when other motorists were negligent. This approach can bring much-needed financial relief above and beyond workers' compensation benefits.

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Call 402-477-4357 or send an email through this website to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. The sooner you have an attorney on your side, the more options there will be to resolve any complications or disputes that arise after a work-related injury.