Investigating After Workplace Injuries To Determine If There Are Third-Party Liability Claims

Contacting an attorney as soon as possible is especially important after a construction accident or work-related car accident when other people and entities may have caused or contributed to a worker's injuries.

Gathering Evidence Promptly After An Acccident

Time is of the essence because only a detailed investigation will determine and verify the cause of an accident. A construction site or the scene of a car or truck crash is not likely to remain as it was at the time of the accident for long. If you delay getting legal advice, you may miss the window of opportunity for an investigation to capture key evidence, including:

  • Contact information and fresh recollections from eyewitnesses
  • Photos of the scene as it was when the accident happened
  • Wrecked vehicles or broken tools, which have a way of disappearing if too much time has gone by
  • Photos of injuries at their worst

When A Person Or Organization Other Than The Employer Was Negligent

Since a workers' compensation claim is not based on fault, it may not be very important to obtain such evidence before filing a work comp claim. However, details such as these may pave the way to a third-party liability claim. By bringing a personal injury claim or lawsuit against a third party such as the following, you may recover compensation above and beyond your workers' compensation benefits. The responsible third party in your work-related accident may have been:

  • A subcontractor
  • A delivery driver
  • An equipment manufacturer, installer or service company
  • Another motorist, in the case of a car, truck or bus accident

Your work-related injuries may have occurred because of a defective ladder, defective power tools or a drunk driver. A sharp-eyed lawyer on your side may discover sources of compensation that you never imagined existed, bringing much-needed financial relief after a serious or catastrophic injury.

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