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Is your job one of the most dangerous in Nebraska?

In addition to being known as the cornhusker state, Nebraska has several other claims to fame as well. For instance, did you know the largest porch swing in the world is located here? Also, old time Wild West enthusiasts may recall that Buffalo Bill Cody held his very first rodeo in this state in 1882. Many people enjoy living and working in Nebraska although the working part can be quite dangerous depending on one's occupation.

As in all other states, some jobs here are far more dangerous than others. This leaves many workers at risk for injury. Is your job among one the deadliest jobs in the state?

Jobs prone to accidents

Studies in recent years show the number of work-related deaths in America has been higher than usual. The following is a short list of jobs with the greatest propensities for work-related injuries:

  • Logging: Time and again, this line of work ranks high for potential danger to workers. There are more than 50,000 logging companies throughout the nation. In the past several years, the death toll on these jobs has come close to 70 lives lost per year.
  • Fishing: While you might imagine lazy days down by the river when you think of fishing, it just so happens that fishing-related jobs have a frighteningly high fatality rate, which makes it quite a dangerous profession.
  • Piloting: If you work as an airline pilot or flight engineer, you're at risk for injury just by going to work every day.
  • Driving: Those who operate commercial vehicles are often in great danger during their normal course of duties in the workplace. Studies in recent years show more work-related fatalities associated with transportation incidents than any other type of on-the-job accidents.

If you suffered injuries in a work accident, it's crucial, of course, to obtain immediate medical attention. Beyond that, there may be a long road ahead to recovery. It's typically important to get plenty of rest and exercise as you are able in order to achieve as full a recovery as possible. You've likely already considered the fact that if you're unable to work while you recover, it might become quite challenging making ends meet in the meantime.

The workers' compensation program is designed to provide benefits to any worker injured on the job. These benefits provide financial supplements that would cover medical expenses and replace lost wages until you are able to return to your duties. Filing a claim and obtaining benefits is not always a smooth-sailing process. However, an experienced workers' compensation attorney would be able to provide assistance should any complications arise.

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