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Fulfillment center workers face many fall hazards

Are you working in a warehouse or fulfillment center in the vicinity of Lincoln, Nebraska? Your employer could serve industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, restaurant, grocery, agricultural or fast food. Your tasks might include packaging, inventory control, warehousing and drop shipping.

What are some types of loading dock injuries in Nebraska?

Many Lincoln area workers are employed in a factory or warehouse setting. Many workplaces have loading docks where goods are delivered and taken out. The loading dock can be a busy place, and some employees have suffered serious injuries while on the job.

Worker dies at Wakefield, Nebraska, plant

Nebraska workers go to work each day expecting they will return each night to their families. Most of the time this is what happens, but occasionally a tragic accident can occur at a workplace. Recently, an employee died in an accident at a Wakefield, Nebraska, manufacturing plant.

Workplace accidents can be devastating to Nebraska families

A job is more than just a place a Lincoln resident goes once they've had their breakfast. It is where they put in hard work, do their best and earn their livelihood so that they may provide their family with what it needs to grow and thrive. It enables a person to keep a roof over their head and to put food on their table. So, when a workplace accident happens that forces a person to stop doing the work that pays their bills, the results can be devastating to the individual and their loved ones.

Employers in Lincoln have duties regarding on-the-job injuries

When a Lincoln area resident is injured on-the-job it can be a devastating blow for their family. No one can predict when they walk into work in the morning that they will face a serious workplace injury. Most of the time this doesn't occur to Nebraska residents, but occasionally a serious workplace accident does occur. What are the employer's responsibilities in these situations?

The causes and symptoms of CRPS

Complex regional pain syndrome, or CRPS, is a condition with which many workers in the Lincoln, Nebraska area might not be familiar, unless, of course, they have suffered from it. CRPS is, however, a serious medical condition that affects one's arms and legs and that can be brought on by a workplace injury or other trauma to the body.

Is your job one of the most dangerous in Nebraska?

In addition to being known as the cornhusker state, Nebraska has several other claims to fame as well. For instance, did you know the largest porch swing in the world is located here? Also, old time Wild West enthusiasts may recall that Buffalo Bill Cody held his very first rodeo in this state in 1882. Many people enjoy living and working in Nebraska although the working part can be quite dangerous depending on one's occupation.

A closer look at Nebraska's workers' compensation system

Whether you report to a construction site, warehouse, loading dock or trucking yard each morning, chances are good that the very last thing on your mind heading into each workday is the possibility of suffering some manner of serious work injury. Indeed, there are structures to build, pallets to load and delivery schedules to meet.

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