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Three things truck drivers may do in workers' compensation claims

Truck drivers in Nebraska know how difficult their job can be. To the general public, truck driving seems like an easy job where a person just sits all day long. But, truck drivers know the real toll the job can take on their body. Those who have suffered truck driver injuries and are thinking about filing for workers' compensation should keep three things in mind.

Loading and unloading trucks can lead to truck driver injuries

Many people in Nebraska think truck drivers have easy jobs where they just sit and drive a truck all day long. But, truck drivers often suffer from injuries because of many factors, which include traffic accidents and loading and unloading cargo.

Truck drivers and shoulder injuries

Truck driving is a difficult job on a person physically. The physical strains on the job can be unexpected yet extremely painful. These injuries can put a person out of work for months or even permanently. Truck drivers who have suffered injuries on the job are eligible for workers compensation.

The importance of properly securing a trucker's load

As this blog has discussed previously, truckers who work in and around Lincoln, Nebraska, can get injured on the job in a number of different ways. In addition to the possibility of having a full blown collision or rollover incident, a trucker has to watch out for loading and unloading and other injuries as well.

Truckers face many different dangers while on the job

When residents of Lincoln, Nebraska, think of how a truck driver might get injured on the job, they probably most often think of the driver being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. Indeed, many truckers do get hurt while actually driving, even though their vehicles are a lot larger than most of the other cars and vans on the road.

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